On Friday, the Next Great Americans tour visited Cannonsburg Elementary in Ashland, KY!


We love to have visitors at the schools at each stop we make on our tour. We always invite and welcome parents, grandparents, local community and business leaders, and other that are interested in all that is happening with the Super Citizen Program.  We even stay after the show is over to talk to those that are interested. We answer questions about the program or about how anyone can help place the Super Citizen kits in schools around the country! We want to reach every elementary student in America!


We were so happy today to have parents and other people from the Ashland, KY community at our show today. We hope that they will spread the word about what the Liberty Learning Foundation is doing for American schools and students!


I had some very special helpers on stage Friday as well! You might have heard of George Washington and his wife, Martha? Well, they volunteered to help me show the students the length of my mouth, nose, and finger! OK, it was actually Drew Bartram and Ella Stephens who are students at Cannonsburg, but they were dressed in their George and Martha costumes, which added a really fun element to our show! All of the students were clad in their Lady Liberty crowns, and I believe I even spotted Paul Revere and Betsy Ross among the students!


After our program today I had the privilege to speak with several students from Cannonsburg Elementary AND from Rose Hill Christian school. The Rose Hill students were among the visitors today. We were so glad that Ms. Beth Maynard brought her class to the show! I always enjoy getting to talk to the students and answer questions about my history AND about the Super Citizen Program! Today, many students braved the chilly autumn wind outside of the school for an energetic, impromptu Q&A! I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did!


We also enjoyed talking with several of the Cannonsburg faculty after the show. We answered questions and told them all about the Super Citizen Program.  We always let teachers, and anyone else that is interested, know that they are welcome to ask us any questions or contact us or anyone at the Liberty Learning Foundation office with inquiries about our program and our mission. We also welcome feedback. We love to hear from you!


Thank you to Ms. Deidra Patton for bringing us to Cannonsbug Elementary and for all of your help! Thanks to Principal Jon Stevens for having us at your school. We were also glad to have Ms. Marilyn Mayo from the Boyd Co. Schools district office and Mr. Mike James from the Daily Independent newspaper. Here is a link to the article that Mr. James wrote! 



We’re back at it on Monday in Louisville, KY at Englehard Elementary!