Sept 25, 2012


Well, we are officially “big time” now! We performed in Hollywood today! That is, Hollywood Elementary in Hollywood, Alabama!


On this lovely day we were greeted by Principal Paul Kennamer to perform for 200 K-8th grade students!


The show today was very special to many at the Liberty Learning Foundation. The Super Citizen Program and my Lady Liberty Live performance were both sponsored anonymously in memory of Ted Green Sr. 


Mr. Green was a resident and student of Hollywood throughout his childhood. 


The Liberty Learning Foundation is fortunate to have on its team Mr. Green’s daughter, daughter-in-law and others who were greatly and positively affected by his life. He has obviously left a wonderful legacy that is being passed on to future generations.


We were also honored to have in attendance at today’s performance Alma Green, wife of the late Mr. Green, and Jack & Jane Waite, his aunt and uncle. 


Thanks to the Hollywood faculty, students and sponsors for a great day!