“Wow” is all I can say…OK, well, maybe not all I can say, but that is definitely the word that comes to mind when I think about our experience at Heard Magnet School in Dothan, Alabama today!

The first thing I noticed about Heard Elementary is that they won a “Torch Bearer” award from the state of Alabama for their high scholastic performance!

Once the program started we were absolutely delighted to see all of the special guests that came to see the show and support their local school! From parents to PTO to press- it was almost standing room only! How wonderful to see the community showing up for their students!

The Heard Elementary students started the program with the Pledge of Allegiance and a beautiful rendition of our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. Then, two students also gave the intro to my appearance! Everyone did such a great job!

Once again, as soon as I mentioned the “You in the USA” tour theme song, the excitement of the students elevated to an even higher level than they had already attained! Heard’s music teacher, Ms. Anita Davis, had already taught the students the words and motions to the song. They couldn’t wait to sing, and when they did sing…they raised the roof!

Well, the program was just the beginning of our fun at Heard. After the program Principal Peggy Maddox and I were able to speak with Megan Hunter from WDHN and Demetria McClenton from WTVY.  It was great to hear of Ms. Maddox’s excitement about the Super Citizen program.

We also were happy to meet the wonderful PTO! Thanks to Christina Kelley, Branda Bryan, and Sandy Kaston for supporting your school and coming out to see our show! I know that Heard Magnet is lucky to have you! And we want to say a special thank you to Kim Atwell, the PR Volunteer for the PTO. She organized everything today, and did a fabulous job!

After speaking with the parents and press, I got the special privilege of meeting the Heard Magnet School candidates for Student Government Association president! These three students were some of the smartest, most mature students that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. As we munched on the delicious spread that the school provided for us, the candidates told me all about how they wanted to help their school, fellow students, and teachers. Each of them expressed their desire to be a good example to others in their school and community through their actions and attitudes. These three seemed to have a really good idea of what it means to be a Super Citizen! We talked about how important it is to work hard, get a good education, and know your history! Whichever candidate that Heard Magnet chooses as their president, they will be making a good decision!

Some of our other special guests today include Matt Elofson from the Dothan Eagle Newspaper, and Ms. Betsy May. The Liberty Learning Foundation team got to know Ms. May and her son Mason. If you want to know anything about Dothan, Alabama, ask Ms. May! She and Mason took us on a tour of the Wiregrass Art Museum this afternoon. Her family was very involved in the creation of the museum. Her father was even a former mayor of Dothan! Her love for the city of Dothan and for the students in this area was evident when talking with her. She showed us the beautiful murals and sculptures around the downtown area of the city. We felt like we were being given a tour by a professional tour guide! We can’t thank her enough for her kindness and for taking the time to show us around this exceptional city!

All in all, today was a special and memorable day. The students at Heard Magnet School and in the entire city of Dothan are very blessed to have such an involved community! We met lots of Super Citizens today. That’s a great day!

Tomorrow we head to Ft. Rucker Elementary in Ft. Rucker, Alabama!