I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! This past week in Georgia was so remarkable and memorable for our Liberty Learning Foundation team.

I wrote last time about our visit to Diamond Elementary at Ft. Stewart, GA and how special it was to visit with the children of military families. Well, our visit to Dewar Elementary School in Valdosta, GA enabled us to visit even more of these students.

Ms. Beth Lind brought us to Dewar. Her own father was in the Air Force. At the end of our program on Thursday, she asked all of the students whose families were in the military to stand up. Almost half of the students at the presentation stood up! Dewar is near Moody Air Force Base, and many of the students at Dewar have a parent in the Air Force.

I wish I could fully express to you what a privilege it is to be a part of bringing this Super Citizen program to schools around the country. Our veterans are such an important part of our heritage in America, and they have played a huge role in preserving our freedom.  An entire section of the Super Citizen program is devoted to honoring veterans and telling their stories. These are stories that I believe American students need to hear. Comprehending the price that has been paid for our freedom is a huge step in appreciating that freedom and understanding the need to preserve it.

Thank you so much to Ms. Lind, and to all of the students at Dewar that helped us set-up and pack up before we left! We hope you enjoyed our visit as much as we did!

The bus gets rolling again on Tuesday, Sept 6 as we head into the great state of Tennessee to Harrison Elementary!