Admiral Moorer students participated in Liberty Learning’s “American Character” pilot program this year. They combed through a new middle-school-level curriculum that posed as an engaging comic book. They took in a performance from Broadway actress Kristen Sharp in which she asked “Are You Living Your True Character.” And today, they wrapped up the program with a challenge:

Sharp, who returned for today’s graduation celebration, told students “Now you have learned about great characters in history. I visited with you and spoke to you about living your true character. Today, we’re going to talk about putting that character into action.”

The theme of the show, in fact, was “Your charACTer in action.” The students watched a motivational video of students who made a difference in the world, and they were introduced to several local nonprofits that are making a difference in Eufaula / Barbour County. (See them all in the photo gallery below.)

Sharp left the students with a challenge. “When you look down at the charACTer bracelet you received today, try to think of how you can put your character into action. Then, write down your ideas in the book you also got today.”

“The cumulative effect on the students,” says Liberty Learning Foundation’s Steven Jackson is that students understand that “character isn’t just what other people have – or something you keep to yourself. It can influence and inform our actions. And that’s what all Liberty Learning Programs strive to do: create active, outstanding citizens for tomorrow.”