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Super Citizens: Grades 3-5

Super Citizens: Grades 3-52017-11-02T08:44:51-05:00

The Super Citizen Program makes learning history, civics, character, financial literacy and career readiness exciting. Our immersive learning experiences teach students to become responsible, outstanding citizens.

Just imagine a generation of students who excel in teach-to-test subjects but have little knowledge of civics, character, financial responsibility and career readiness. Will math and science alone continue our nation’s progress? Our students deserve to learn these guiding lessons – as well as the great American Story that gives context to their important roles in our country’s future. We must teach them that they hold titles more important than “engineer,” “scientist” even … “president” … That title is citizen.


The Super Citizen Program Resource Kit (grades 3-5) begins with a high-energy “kickoff” performance (on video or in person) and continues with video-led lesson-starters that walk educators through easy and exciting ways to reach the tech-centric generation in the classroom. Lessons in American history, civics, financial literacy, character and career readiness are aided by expertly developed lesson plans and stimulating online extension activities. The lessons plans are both flexible and adaptable to the teachers’ chosen schedule and course of study. Collateral material including stickers, flags, Statue of Liberty Crowns, Statue of Liberty Fun Facts, and student workbooks are all included in the kit to round out the immersive experience.

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