With the help of local and state sponsors, 7th grade students from Hartselle Junior High School are beginning the American Character Program this year. Students will learn civics, history, character, careers and financial literacy in a format that uses excitement as its engagement platform. The lessons are in comic book format and expand into class exercises and activities that have serious impact. After studying the character and impact of historical American figures, they are then challenged to put their own character in action.

At the kickoff event held last Friday, students were introduced to the program and the service learning component that will empower them to make a difference in their community and beyond. These “#GoodCharacters” projects will see students, along with local mentors, working to solve real issues. And, in the program’s conclusion, they’ll hold a #GoodCharacters Expo where they show off their bright ideas and the big deeds they accomplished.

The middle school program is a continuation of the Super Citizen Program which has inspired and taught similar concepts to many of these students in elementary school.

We’re pretty sure these students “had a ball” at the kickoff, and we’re excited to revisit them for the Expo! Take a look at the gallery below!