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Alabama State Representative Scott Stadthagen

Peek Inside the Hartselle Junior High #GoodCharacters Expo

This year, middle schoolers in our American Characters program proved they are learning how to face challenges head-on to accomplish great things. We watched from the sidelines as they learned about historical characters who transformed America. Then, they were challenged to begin transforming their communities themselves through service projects. And they did both gracefully [...]

7th Grade Students of Hartselle Junior High School Begin American Character Program Semi-Virtually

The Liberty Learning events and education teams have been hard-at-work ensuring that our programs for K-12 students are engaging and impactful whether they’re experienced in the classroom, virtually … or somewhere in-between. Today, we helped schools kick off the American Character Program by way of a custom made video that introduced the program, local sponsors [...]

Hartselle City 2nd Graders Meet Libby Virtually for Kickoff

In an educational experience that normally features hundreds of students gathered to cheer, sing and celebrate together, this year's Super Citizen Kickoff for Hartselle City Schools is happening a little differently due to COVID-19. A new video-led "virtual kickoff" is delivering engagement and enthusiasm to help schools teach civics, character, history, financial literacy and careers [...]