Hartselle City 2nd Graders Celebrate and Honor their Heroes at their Hands On Liberty Program Celebration!

Today, 2nd graders from Barkley Bridge, Crestline, & F.E. Burleson Elementary Schools filled the Hartselle High School Auditorium. After finishing 10 weeks in the Super Citizen Program, they are gathered to celebrate their accomplishments and honor local heroes from the stage. Thanks to Mr. Palmer and his very hands-on teaching, [...]

Hartselle 7th Graders are ready to become #GoodCharacters as they Kickoff their American Character Program!

With the help of local and state sponsors, 7th grade students from Hartselle Junior High School are beginning the American Character Program this year. Students will learn civics, history, character, careers and financial literacy in a format that uses excitement as its engagement platform. The lessons are in comic book [...]