“It was absolutely amazing!. I am honored that our school was chosen to be apart of this program and the next generation, and our kids are the next generation and the history that they are going to learn as reserve of this program in phenomenal. So I am really excited that our boys and girls are going to experience this opportunity.” –  Tammy Summerville – Principal of Mountain Gap Elementary School 

The Jan. 28, 2014 Super Citizen Kickoff event at Mtn. Gap began with a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem (sung by 8th graders). And by the time Lady Liberty took the stage, it was clear the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in attendance were hooked! After learning about the Statue of Liberty, the watched a video, sang and danced and were thoroughly pumped about beginning 10-weeks worth of Super Citizen lessons in civics, character, financial literacy, career exploration and our Great American Story. 

This performance (brought by the Huntsville-based Liberty Learning Foundation’s (LLF)  Next Great Americans Bus Tour was made possible by generous local sponsors: Belk and the Madison County Commission.

To conclude the programs students will participate in project-based learning exercise that has them nominate, carefully select and, ultimately, honor local heroes in a graduation ceremony that will be held in a few months. “When students honor heroes, the become heroes,” says LLF founder Patti Yancey. “It brings their learning full-circle and out into the community … and there’s barely a dry eye in the room.”

Rena Andererson, Director of Community Relations for Huntsville City Schools, reiterated the appreciation for local donors who were making this monumental impact possible: “We couldn’t do it without our sponsor such as Belk and Madison County Commission. They play a critical role in shaping our young people, I mean they are having a huge impact in the lives of our students that they have no idea. I think we will all benefit from the fruit that they are laboring as our young people grow up to be good community citizens and we can thank Belk and the Madison County Commission for doing that.”