Horizon Elementary Celebration Finishes Civic Education Program by Honoring Local Heroes

One hundred fifth graders from Horizon Elementary School gathered to receive graduation certificates and finish the final piece of their 10-week Super Citizen Program made possible by a donation from Madison Co. Commission, Jane K. Lowe Foundation and Belk Huntsville. In addition to intensive learning in civics, character, financial literacy, [...]

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Mill Creek Elementary Students Honor Local Heroes, Become Heroes Themselves

About 100 Mill Creek Elementary 5th graders, finished this year's Super Citizen Program with an energetic graduation celebration, and by honoring local heroes on stage. "In addition to the 10-week civic, character, financial literacy and social studies lessons they learned in the program,” says Liberty Learning Foundation (LLF) educational specialist Joyce Bishop, “they participated in [...]

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Heritage Elementary Super Citizens Honor 19 Heroes, Become Heroes Themselves.

To celebrate the completion of their 10-week Super Citizen Program, students at Heritage Elementary School received graduation certificates, took the Super Citizen Pledge and honored a whopping 19 local heroes from stage. This year students learned crucial lessons in civics, character, financial literacy, careers and social studies. And in the [...]

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Madison Record & WHNT Coverage of Super Citizen Kickoff for 7 Madison City Schools

Lady Liberty herself excites Madison fifth-graders about citizenship (by Gregg Parker) MADISON – More than 700 Madison elementary students watched American history come to life during the Lady Liberty Super Citizen Program on Jan. 9. Students from Columbia, Heritage, Horizon, Madison, Mill Creek, Rainbow and West Madison elementary schools filled [...]

Madison City Schools 5th Graders Rock Out, Begin Super Citizen Program

At 9:00 am this morning, the James Clements High School Auditorium with packed with more than 700 students from Madison City Schools. They waited, fidgeted, sang & clapped as they eagery awaited a special guest to take the stage. After the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem and an heart-pumping [...]

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Weatherly Heights Super Citizens are “the leaders of today.”

“They talk about being the leaders of tomorrow … they are the leaders of today,” says Madison Co. Commissioner Dale Strong as he talked about the strength of his local school system. “Eight years after graduating from high school, I was elected commissioner of the third largest county in the [...]

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“It was absolutely amazing!” – Mountain Gap Elementary Principal Tammy Summerville

“It was absolutely amazing!. I am honored that our school was chosen to be apart of this program and the next generation, and our kids are the next generation and the history that they are going to learn as reserve of this program in phenomenal. So I am really excited [...]

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