Libby Liberty™ Jumps Off Pedestal To Visit Barbour County Second and Fifth Graders!

Today 200 elementary students from Barbour County Schools came together to kick off the Super Citizen Program for 2018. They waved flags, wore Statue of Liberty crowns and counted down for Libby Liberty™ to take the stage. On three huge screens "live video" shows her Next Great Americans tour bus [...]

Admiral Moorer 7th Graders Gather To Celebrate Great Characters

Today, Admiral Moorer students gathered for an inspiring graduation event to celebrate their successful completion of the American Character Program and the immersive character lessons they’ve been learning by studying famous historical figures. As part of the dynamic Super Citizen Program that reaches elementary students, the middle-school-based American Character Program takes an exciting, [...]

Admiral Moorer 7th Graders Kickoff The American Character Program

Students at Admiral Moorer Middle School are learning about character and civics in the American Character Program this year. Today they were visited by a person who they've seen only in character in years past. Kristen Sharp, who normally performs as Libby Liberty™, has taught and entertained many of these [...]