Students of Coffee County Schools Kickoff their Super Citizen Journey with a visit from Libby Liberty™!

Today more than 275 elementary students from Kinston, New Brockton, & Zion Chapel Elementary Schools came together to kick off the Super Citizen Program for 2022. They waved flags, wore Statue of Liberty crowns and counted down for Libby Liberty™ to take the stage. On three huge screens "live video" [...]

Coffee County Schools come together to Celebrate and Honor their Heroes!

Today, 425 students filled the Kinston High School Auditorium. After finishing 10 weeks in the Super Citizen Program, they are gathered to celebrate their accomplishments and honor local heroes from the stage. These students have learned their important roles in America’s future thanks to an immersive experience in civics, character, [...]

Coffee County Students Honored their Heroes and became Heroes Themselves!

A Virtual Super Citizen Graduation for Coffee County Schools We all know this school year is “different,” to say the least. One thing that remains consistent: students are completing the Super Citizen Program, honoring local heroes and learning lessons that are more important than ever.  This year, 2nd [...]

Coffee County 2nd and 5th Grade Students Virtually Meet Libby Liberty™

In an educational experience that normally features hundreds of elementary students gathered to cheer, sing and celebrate together, this year's Super Citizen Kickoff at Coffee County Schools is happening a little differently due to COVID-19. A new video-led "virtual kickoff" is delivering engagement and enthusiasm to help schools teach civics, [...]