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Alabama Power Foundation

Thompson Intermediate School students honor local heroes

Published 2:03pm Friday, December 5, 2014By NEAL WAGNER / Managing Editor (Alabaster Reporter) ALABASTER – After being recognized for the second-straight year through the Liberty Learning Foundation’s Super Citizen program, Thompson Intermediate School resource officer Nathaniel Parker had a few words of praise for the school’s students. “This award means so much to me because [...]

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LLF Congratulates Alabama Power Foundation on its 25th Anniversary

Alabama Power Foundation Celebrates 25 Years of Community Service & Giving – A Letter From a Recipient of APF’s Generosity Happy Anniversary to the Alabama Power Foundation! For 25 years, the foundation has been supporting and enabling non-profit organizations throughout Alabama to provide much-needed services to our citizens. And the Liberty Learning Foundation has been [...]

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U.S. Jones Kicks off 2014 Super Citizen Program thanks to Alabama Power

On Oct. 23, 2014, 450 elementary students packed the U.S. Jones Gymnasium in Demopolis, AL waiting for the Next Great Americans Tour Bus to arrive. After a countdown, clapping, cheering and burst of loud patriotic music, a head-to-toe green Lady Liberty took the stage. She brought history to life and introduced the 175 fifth graders [...]

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Alabama Power brings the Super Citizen Program to 500 students at Thompson Intermediate in Alabaster, AL

On Friday, Sept. 19, 2014, five hundered fifth graders packed the Thompson Intermediate gymnasium- waiting and cheering for Lady Liberty to take the stage. This is the second year Alabama Power Foundation has teamed up with Liberty Learning to make sure students learn the crucial lessons of civics, character, financial literacy, ethics and our Great [...]

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In Their Own Words: What are Super Citizens Learning?

We sent sheets of paper asking students to thank their teachers and our sponsors for the valuable lessons they are learning in the Super Citizen Program. We were so amazed with their thoughtful answers that we showed up at Gardendale Elementary School to document their responses on film! When we arrived at the Gardendale celebration [...]

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Monroe Co. Ala 5th Graders Honor Heroes, Become Heroes Themselves

Fifth grader Chloe Johnson was surprised and … speechless as a video of her father, a Staff Sergeant stationed away from home, appeared on the big screen in front of all her classmates during their Super Citizen Program graduation being held on March 18, 2014 for five Monroe Co. schools. Fifth graders from JF Shields, [...]

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Alabama Power Elevates Education for Demopolis Schools

"Our partnerships are not important; they’re crucial,” says Demopolis Mayor Mike Grayson. “Everybody looks to government to be the end all, the solution. Government can do some things, but it’s corporate citizens like Alabama Power that really brings it to life, and brings it to the masses, to the level where most people live.” On [...]

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James W. Wilson Elementary Kicks off Super Citizen Program thanks to Alabama Power

“Everyone was excited about the program, because this is an extra piece of a puzzle that we need in our social studies for character education, building great Americans,” says Patricia Kornegay, Assistant Superintendent for Montgomery Elementary Schools. “This has been an essential part that we needed in our program so that we can help build [...]

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