Madison Cross Roads Super Citizen Celebration

Today, 350+ 2nd and 5th graders students filled the Madison Cross Roads gymnasium. After finishing 10 weeks in the Super Citizen Program, they are gathered to celebrate their accomplishments and honor local heroes from the stage. These students have learned their important roles in America’s future thanks to an immersive experience [...]

Madison County Third Graders Cheer On Libby Liberty And The Super Citizen Program

Today, October 30th, the 3rd graders from Madison County Elementary School kicked off the Super Citizen Program. The small group of students filled the first rows of the beautiful auditorium quietly waiting for Libby Liberty™ to take the stage. The lady in green had jumped off her pedestal and traveled all the [...]

Libby Liberty Kicks Off The Super Citizen Program And Her Birthday With Madison Cross Roads Elementary

Today, October 28th, 360 second and fifth graders of Madison Cross Roads Elementary School kicked off the Super Citizen Program. They filled the floor of their gymnasium (all dressed in PJ's) waiting for Libby Liberty™ to take the stage. Even more exciting than pajama day, the lady in green had jumped off [...]

Jones Valley Super Citizens Honor Heroes, Get Surprise Visit from Libby Liberty and School Namesake

On Feb. 20, 2015, fifth grade students at Jones Valley Elementary gathered to await the on-stage arrival of Libby Liberty™ and her educational / theatrical performance that brings history to life. In this Super Citizen Program graduation, students received graduation certificates, took the Super Citizen Pledge and honored local heroes [...]

250 Students from 5 Huntsville City Schools Begin the Super Citizen Program

At 9:00 am, Friday Oct. 3, 2014, the Grissom High School auditorium was buzzing with a younger-than-usual crowd of students. Two hundred & fifty elementary students from Chaffe, Williams, Farley, Whitesburg & Monte Sano schools wore Statue of Liberty crowns, waved flags and sent up a roaring applause as Lady [...]